>Outfit Post- LA Air Raid, Photos by Gar Travis


I am so very thankful to the talented photographer Gar Travis for sending me these photos of me at the Air Raid!  Now I have photos to share of the outfit I wore in the evening. Yay!
Gar Travis is an extremely talented photographer.  You can see more images from this event here on his website.
Coat: Vintage late 30s/early 40s gray with faux fur.
Sweater: Vintage 1940s knit top
Bolero: Vintage Angora (on which I’m wearing a vintage plastic sailor pin but you can’t see!)  Hard to date, but I think it’s early 1940s, since most of the stuff from the estate were from that era.
Belt: Made by me- white linen with vintage red buckle.
Skirt: Made by me of gray wool from early 40s bias cut skirt pattern.
Vintage “L” pin: gift from friend.
My inspiration for this outfit was Betty Grable in “College Swing”, but with added layers for warmth 🙂
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15 Responses to >Outfit Post- LA Air Raid, Photos by Gar Travis

  1. >I love the outfit and your hair turned out great!

  2. Porcelina says:

    >Your curls are perfect – did you use hot sticks??Miss P xx

  3. >you look absolutely divine!

  4. >No one would ever know those photos weren't taken in the 1940s. Awesome!

  5. Lauren says:

    >Thanks so mcuh! Porcelina, I used sponge rollers for the curls. My hair doens't like to hold a hot set 😦

  6. Tasha says:

    >Love the photos, and I agree with Lauren.You look great!

  7. casey says:

    >These photos are so lovely–you are so photogenic, Lauren! :)♥ Casey

  8. >Ooh, pretty! You look a lot like Barbara Stanwyck in these! Lovely!

  9. >I am so sad I missed this. I never got the memo! Hopefully next year I will make it out. Thanks for posting these pics!XOXODollie

  10. Isis says:

    >You look lovely!

  11. Lauren says:

    >Thank you so much!! Gar takes amazing photos- I was very lucky he snapped some of me when I wasn't looking :)Miss Dollie DeVille- you should come next year for sure! It's always in Feb (and it's always COLD, but worth it).littlegreythings, thanks for the compliment! My husband thinks I look like her, too. I LOVE Barbara Stanwyck! 😀

  12. FoofandFaff says:

    >Gorgeous outfit, and your hair looks amazing! 🙂

  13. >I think that you look amazing, for real, straight out of a magazine or screen shot from a movie. You fit the part 15656945646%.

  14. >faaaabulous look, L!! Just picture perfect!

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