A costume history nerd, Christian, and wife to an amazing man- I live in San Diego area with my husband and our two cats.  I enjoy the quiet life and love to spend my free time creating, sewing, and watching old movies with my husband.
I love fashion and costume history from the 18th century until the 1950s, but the Edwardian era and 1930s are my favorites.  I have a college degree in fashion design and studied costume design for film.  Fashion history has been a life-long passion for me.  I began sewing when I was around eight years old and started studying fashion history and collecting vintage clothing when I was around fourteen years old.

My journey with fashion and costuming lead me through various adventures both professionally and personally, but I admit I get a thrill researching and creating costumes for myself.  One can never be too old for dress up!

This blog is a journal of my research, projects, endeavors, and miscellaneous adventures.

Please visit my pattern shop

My Etsy Shop for vintage items

And you can see some of my past work on my personal website


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