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Finished Project- A Fair Dress for the Fair

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We spent a lovely weekend together, starting with the County Fair on Saturday, followed by great times with family BBQing, watching neighborhood parades, swimming, and ending with fireworks (although very far on the horizon). … Continue reading

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Finished Project- Early 40s Playsuit, and Fashion Horizons

I have been so inspired for summer wear by the early 1940s, in especially the short called “Fashion Horizons” from 1941.  Here’s the videos from YouTube so you can enjoy these as well. My playsuit is actually a crop top … Continue reading

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Anna’s Notebook, 1925- Measurements

A wonderful blog reader was so generous as to sent me a treasure! This is a binder from a fashion student from 1925 named Anna Stratmann.  I hope to post sections of this notebook, so this is the first installation … Continue reading

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>Bustle Dress Progress- Bodice Guts

> I am going through a sewing lull.  I’ve been putting only a few minutes a day into this bodice- but last night I got about an hour of sewing time, so I actually have some photos to share. My … Continue reading

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>Bustle Dress Progress- Working on the Bodice

>I spent some of the weekend sewing on the Bustle dress! I had neglected it a bit last week, so it was nice to pick it up again.I did have to make several new changes to the pattern, especially since … Continue reading

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>1910s Outfit- Photos by Jerry Abuan

> This past weekend we went for the day to the Gaslight Gathering- a Steampunk and Victoriana convention. The very talented Jerry Abuan snapped some photos of us, so I wanted to share! Here is my outfit.  I actually made … Continue reading

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>Projects- Bustle and Crochet

>Though not both together or at the same time 😉I finished my crocheted sweater! Well, nearly- all it needs are snaps at the shoulder and it’s done. I have tried it on and it fits! Hurrah! I will need to … Continue reading

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>Bustle Dress Progress- We Have Pleats!

>The underskirt and overskirt are nearly done! All they really need are hooks and eyes and button on the inside (and pressing, which I didn’t really do before taking these pictures).  Then on to the bodice! I had a bit … Continue reading

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>More Progress on the Bustle Dress

>    There has been some sewing progress!This weekend I did some handwork on the underskirt and added some little trims and accents by hand.  Since the theme of the convention this year also involves medieval inspiration I thought the … Continue reading

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>Bustle Dress Progress

> I worked on my bustle dress project a bit last week and got the overskirt mostly finished.  This is from Truly Victorian’s 1884 Wash Overskirt pattern.  It went together very quickly and I just love the drape.  It is … Continue reading

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