>The Bride’s Needle Case- 1920s Ephemera

>I discovered this cute little needle case hidden in a box I had put away of other vintage paper goodies.  Notice that although the case was meant for women, the back cover says “Men Prefer the Times”, although women will find it “an accurate and dependable guide and aid in setting the new home in order.”  What a little thing like a needle case can do… (bonus points if you know the context of that little spoof). 😉

In other news, contacted a few times recently about having issues loading my blog- I know you probably can’t comment if you’re  having issues, but I’ll be looking into it this week and see if I can figure something out!  Maybe removing some pictures or links or background will help, and while hopefully I don’t have to change it too much expect a little change visually over here while I sort it out next week 😉

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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