>New Pattern! Tea at Two- Mid 1930s Dress

>It’s that time again! I’ve got a new pattern I’ve been working on- this one a reproduction of a mid 1930s one piece dress.  It’s now available for pre-order on my website! Patterns will start shipping mid next week!

I just love this pattern to pieces! It’s feminine but it’s not fussy- it has all those little tailored details I love so much in mid 1930s clothing!

I started sewing this for myself last fall and tucked it away to be finished later once winter sat in.  I made my version up with 1930s Collegiate inspiration- I even used a vintage football belt and leather buttons!  The fabric is a linen/rayon blend.  I know, I tend to use this fabric a LOT but it’s so easy to work with and I love the vintage feel.

Hope you love the new pattern! Can’t wait for an excuse to wear my new frock 🙂

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12 Responses to >New Pattern! Tea at Two- Mid 1930s Dress

  1. PepperToast says:

    >Oh my, I love this new pattern. With you release it in size group B? Also, can you recommend a source for linen/rayon blend fabric.

  2. Lauren says:

    >I sure will! It will be in both normal size packs :)I get my linen/rayon blend at Joann Fabrics. They often have sales so you can get it quite inexpensively. It's called "Sew Classic Linen Look".

  3. Lauren says:

    >Actually they have it on their website here- scroll down and you'll see the available colors near the bottom of the page:http://www.joann.com/joann/catalog/productdetail.jsp?PRODID=prd46469&green=22676701906

  4. iLiveinmyLab says:

    >Oh wow the dress you made up is gorgeous!!! This pattern is fantastic! Great job as always!

  5. KATJA says:

    >Amazing pattern, but I have to say, your version tops it all! It's simply perfect – those buttons, could it get any better? Nope, don't think so. Congratulations, and don't go looking too far for that excuse, just wear it any old day and be special!

  6. >Gorgeous pattern! Too bad the sizing is a tad too small for me. It makes up into a garment that is truly lovely.

  7. Steph says:

    >Wow, neato! I love the patterns you choose to repro and you make them up in fabrics that would never occur to me. I wonder how View 1 would look in a flowery rayon, though I don't think I'd use their red, white and blue colors… Hmm….. One dress at a time!

  8. >wahooo! Love the pattern, adore the dress, and the name of the pattern ain't half bad, either 😉

  9. Jessie says:

    >I want to see it on you!! I agree with Patricia my bust size is so much bigger then the average pattern sizes I find on-line or in antique shops. It's super cute though.

  10. >Okay, swoon!I need a few more hours in the day so I can sew everything I want to sew!

  11. Isis says:

    >Love the sleeves!

  12. Erin says:

    >Absolutely wonderful! Wow!xErinanodetoreverie.blogspot.com

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