>Spring Hats, 1916

>It’s not often when working on images for the blog that something makes my heart truly sing, but I can honestly say these images did! All at once I was transported to my childhood fantasies of the romanticised past.  Color illustrations from the earlier part of the last century always do that to me- like the images of Harrison Fisher or even in black and white by Charles Dana Gibson (which, of course, bridged the 19th and 20th century with the Gibson Girl).
I love the fashion of the “teens”.  These hats are no exception! Here’s a couple of color images from a 1916 catalog.  I hope you enjoy!

Oh yes- and speaking of hats- did you see Casey’s version of one of the hats from the Sporty Toppers pattern?  It’s so cute!

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8 Responses to >Spring Hats, 1916

  1. >Wow! I'll take one of each please!

  2. >Oh my! They're all so beautiful! Although the bottom three on the second page are all particular favorites =]

  3. Paperdoll says:

    >I like the one on the second page, top right with a green band, lovely!! X

  4. garofit says:

    >Oooh, these are a treat!

  5. Charleybrown says:

    >Why have we lost the art of wearing hats? Love these! Thanks for posting!

  6. wacky tacky says:

    >Hats are in the hair, er, air!!!

  7. >so pretty! The hats are lovely, but those little faces = so precious (totally Fisher-esque).

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