>Finished Project- Eva Dress 1940 Swimsuit


When Eva Dress posted she was having a sewing competition I knew it was the perfect excuse to dig into my pattern stash and choose from her beautiful patterns I’d bought in the past and pick one to sew!  Nothing helps me get past my procrastination for sewing like a deadline to meet!
This was the very first pattern I bought from her years ago, the 1940 Swimsuit.  I kept procrastinating on this project because I knew I had to grade it down two sizes and I thought it would be a pain to sew in a wiggly rayon (which I knew I wanted to use) because of the ties and straps and such.  Boy, if I had known how quickly and easily this would have gone together I would not have procrastinated so  long!
It was really fun to sew this little suit.  The fabric I used was vintage striped rayon crepe yardage, and I think the colors were perfectly suited to this suit!
 I paired it with my new to me vintage hat with fruit decorations- I think it’s my new favorite hat! Also with bakelite earrings and bangles which were either gifts from friends, thrifted, or found.  I have found the siren song of how fun this colorful jewelry can be to wear and I admit I am a convert.  Fun stuff!
There’s shorts attached under the skirt, and the side fastens up with a zipper.  I pulled two vintage buttons out of my stash which were covered with yellow crochet for an added bit of fun.
Hope you all had a great weekend!
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21 Responses to >Finished Project- Eva Dress 1940 Swimsuit

  1. >Great suit love the fruit hat. A totally adorable outfit.

  2. >Love it! That hat is just perfect for this outfit!

  3. khriste B says:

    >FABULOUS! I love everything, especially the fruit.

  4. >Completely, entirely fantastic! You're making me pine for the lush days of summer like there's no tomorrow! :)Wishing you a beautiful Sunday & week ahead!Jessica from Chronically Vintage

  5. >Cute!!! The accessories are perfect.

  6. bonita says:

    >~ * ♥ * ~That is such a gorgeous suit Lauren, and the hat goes perfectly. Good luck with your competition!xox,bonita of Depict This!~ * ♥ * ~

  7. Brook says:

    >Love everything! Love the bathing suit and the fruit hat is divine!

  8. >Absolutely fabulous on you! And what a great photo shoot – the lighting is magnificent! And I'm totally in envy of your hat. I love hats so much!Weren't you the one who did a post about vintage likes and dislikes a long time ago and you *didn't* like bakelite? Have you gone to the dark side now?

  9. Charlotte says:

    >The swimsuit is adorable, and that hat is just fantastic! I'm working on a collection of bakelite jewellery (a slow process – I never find it in antique shops, so I rely on etsy and ebay, where it's rarely inexpensive). xx CharlotteTuppence Ha'penny Vintage

  10. garofit says:

    >Gorgeous, and perfectly accessorized! I am drooling over the back detail…

  11. casey says:

    >Love this! The double tie on the swimsuit top is such a great detail. And the fabric, of course, is perfect! 🙂 Now I'm itching to revisit my 40s swimsuit project… (Which I just abandoned late last year because I got frustrated with the fitting. Need to just deal with that and stop putting it off!)♥ Casey

  12. >this ensemble captures everything I am in love with…especially for the upcoming summer season: stripes, bright primary colours (esp. in bangles). LOVE this!!!

  13. >Oh my giddy kippers, you and your new suit look amazing! The hat is rather spiffy too- Tis all Lovely… Is that sun I see? I’m beginning to forget what it’s like to have sun shining over here in England! Best of luck, Tups x

  14. VildesVerden says:

    >Wow- that looks great!

  15. Vintage Girl says:

    >This is exactly the suit I would chose to wear. I love that it's modest and beautiful too. You did a incredible job showing it as it would have been seen those many years ago. I am buying the pattern today. Thank you for posting this suit and wearing it in the pictures, it really helped me to see the length of the skirt and how the suit covers. beautiful Job Lauren!

  16. Lauren says:

    >Thank you all so much!Vintage Girl, that's why I love the suit, too. It's cute and I feel not too covered up but not too exposed. I hope you post photos when you make it up!Tickey Boo Tupney, I caught the very last rays of sun and it was very cold! It actually snowed not even 20 minutes away, which is a rarity for where we live, so I ran home and jumped into warm jammies right after we shot these! HeheThe Dreamstress- yes, that was me! I'm not sure if I've crossed to the Dark Side of actively collecting, but it is great fun to wear and I love the colors. I'll still keep my eyes peeled for pieces I can afford… or an occasional splurge if I know I'd wear it a lot. :)Glad you all like the hat! The fruit is a little cracked on top, but it's no matter because I can wear it without being paranoid I'd ruin something perfect 🙂

  17. Tasha says:

    >Unbelievably adorable! I can't say enough. Love the outfit, love the photos, love the hat! You look wonderful in it!I am scared to sew with rayon crepe but just got a good deal on some yardage at a vintage show and couldn't resist buying it for my stash for future use. 🙂

  18. >That last photo is fabulous! Val

  19. Sherry Baby says:

    >Beautiful suit!!! You are a talented sewer…Love the color too…

  20. Beth says:

    >You're the cutest thing I've ever seen! And that's saying a lot, I've got two cats! 😉

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