>Pajamas, circa 1933-34

>Ah! Valentines Day got away from me and I didn’t get to share these scans yesterday, so here’s some post-valentines pajama inspiration scans from around 1933-34.  I love the wild collegiate looking pajamas under “Be Smart” with the super wide legs!

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7 Responses to >Pajamas, circa 1933-34

  1. garofit says:

    >Wow this is becoming a touchy subject for me. I will definitely not be happy until I own some 30's style pajamas, lounge wear and some 30's beach pajamas. I simply have to have them.

  2. Helene says:

    >Isn't it interesting how many of these styles have the tops tucked into the pants?

  3. >I agree with Garofit–I'm having a serious hankering for '30s loungewear.

  4. Tasha says:

    >Those are wonderful!I recently got a vintage pajama set pattern that's from the 40s. I adore it, but then I looked carefully… the bottoms have a fitted waistband that buttons. Oh goodness, no way does that seem comfortable for actual pajamas (lounging around, sure). If I ever make them I admit I will be doing an elastic waist so I can actually wear them to sleep. 😉

  5. Lauren says:

    >Glad you gals like them!Eek! Tasha, I accidentally hit the wrong button and deleted your last comment. I'm sorry!! Feel free to repost if you want 🙂

  6. >Oh, those pajamases looks sooo comfy! If I ever find a nice flannel fabric I think I have to sew me one like that!

  7. FoofandFaff says:

    >Ok these are EXCELLENT! I love pj's and wide legged trousers, not sure how practical these would be but I'm now plotting to make some, thanks! 🙂

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