>Catalog page- Fall/Winter 1939-1940

>Hope you’re all having a great weekend so far!
Here’s a very colorful and very inspiring catalog page from Fall/Winter 1939-1940.  I would personally LOVE to outfit my wardrobe with exact copies of most things on this page. Aren’t they to die for cute?  Love the applique on the green dress with matching contrast buttons.  And that suspender skirt! Perfect for dancing!

Sorry things have been all quiet on the blog front.  I’m settling down into my new store and have been working hard on getting it “just so”.  A big thank you to everyone who has already put in orders and reviews on the site! I really love the new platform and I hope you do, too.  Great news- as of this morning I now have multiple shipping choices via USPS!  And don’t forget when you create an account on the site you can make a wish list that you can either keep private or get a special link to send to family and friends.  It’s great if you have a birthday coming up. Or they can send you a gift certificate.  Fun!
Another feature I’d love to add to the new shop is a customer gallery showing off what you have made- and maybe a short quip about it.  If you’d like to participate please contact me and let me know- and in return you’ll get 10% off your next order plus I’ll add your  name and blog link to the photo.
Oh yes- don’t forget the special discount code I posted a few entries ago!

Guess that’s all the news here! I’ve got myself under a pile of deadlines (eek!) but I’m crossing my fingers I’ll get some personal sewing time this weekend.  I’ve got all sorts of ideas bouncing around the walls of my head and patterns I’m itching to start on.
Have a great weekend!

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5 Responses to >Catalog page- Fall/Winter 1939-1940

  1. Sarsaparilla says:

    >Congrats on your new store! It looks great – how fun to have all those options. Try to sneak in some fun between all these projects!- Susan

  2. >i'd love to outfit my wardrobe with those same dresses, too… and the same prices would be extrasuperduperawesome… ($1.00?!…woohoo!)

  3. Amanda says:

    >Definitely took advantage of your discount and ordered the beach sarong outfit. So adorable and I already have 2 fabrics in mind for 2 outfits! I will be stylish at the beach this summer 🙂

  4. casey says:

    >Love the design detail on the dress at the upper left! Such a fun look :)Just want to say that it's been neat to see your new store develop over the past week–it looks so professional and I love all the features (pattern reviews and now a gallery!). :)♥ Casey

  5. wacky tacky says:

    >There is something about the transition years from one decade to the next that bring about the very best in my opinion. It's the best of the established style with glimpses of what's to come – really cool page!

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