>Shoes Dreams Are Made of- 1930s Sandals


Shoes being sold on Ebay by aarongonce77
Aren’t these shoes to die for?  A lovely friend sent the link to me.  I’m just 1/2″ off from fitting these darlings but I thought they really needed to be brought to attention and admired (or bought, if you’re lucky enough to fit into them), despite the smaller size.
What is not to love about these?  They’re not only a super rare example of surviving 1930s beach sandals, but they are so interestingly made- the criss crossed stripes remind me of old time beach chairs.  The stripes even go around the heels!  I personally would put these shoes around 1937-1940, but something in me thinks they are even more specifically from 1937-38.
I was so inspired by them I went and flipped through some of my old catalogs to see if I could find a similar image.  Although I didn’t find one quite on par with these beach sandals I did find two pages of rather lovely colorful shoes from around 1938.  Enjoy!
Click on the images for larger versions
Happy Wednesday!
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14 Responses to >Shoes Dreams Are Made of- 1930s Sandals

  1. >Sigh. Those shoes are beautiful! Also, I love that there is a picture of sandals being worn with socks! Someone suggested the shoes and socks look was '50s and only worn by under 16s. So this is nice evidence against that. Hehe.-Andi x

  2. Lauren says:

    >Aren't they just dreamy?How funny about the shoes and socks thing! It was totally a late 30s thing to do- the swing kids did it! Old catalogs are good for that 😉

  3. Alli says:

    >I love the blue pair in the top right corner with the handbags. I want them! 🙂

  4. >I agrre, a dream come true.

  5. >oh wow, they are SO beautiful I could cry. AMAZING

  6. >Oh my! shoes and matching handbags….divine!

  7. Tasha says:

    >Oh my, they're all lovely but I particularly am in love with the two-toned blue shoes with the bow on the lower right side!

  8. ashley says:

    >ohhh my goodness i'm totally watching these shoes already! imagine them with printed floral or novelty dresses………!

  9. Miss Rayne says:

    >LOVELY, they remind me of beach huts and deck chairs, roll on summer.

  10. garofit says:

    >yep, seen and hurt by.

  11. casey says:

    >Oh wow! What a lovely pair of shoes… If only my foot were smaller! lol. I'm really in love with the colors too; so bright! 🙂 ♥ Casey

  12. Katharina says:

    >girls..Im already bidding on both LOLHEY LAUREN!!

  13. Katharina says:

    >ok who won the striped heels? because i didnt 😦

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