>Smart Sportswear- Circa 1933-34


Hope your week is off to a great start!
Tonight I’m sharing this lovely page from a vintage catalog that is undated but I probably would put it to around 1933-1934.  I’m particularly taken with the “Boghari” fur effect jacket at the top of the page.  If you’re after a similar look you can actually make your own- Eva Dress has a pattern that would be well suited to this look!  If you’re interested in seeing an original example that was homemade, check out this original I sold on Etsy last summer.  It’s great for inspiration!
I’ll probably be unavailable for a while this week as we’re swapping internet providers.  So hold on tight and I’ll be back as soon as possible 🙂

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5 Responses to >Smart Sportswear- Circa 1933-34

  1. casey says:

    >The "Boghari" jacket is gorgeous! I especially love the shape of the collar–such an interesting silhouette.Wishing you smooth-sailing with the internet-swap! ;)♥ Casey | blog

  2. >This is basically where I got my inspiration for my outfit that I wore to the art gallery the weekend before last!! I am obsessed with my 30s jacket and I love that you posted these drool-worthy images!!

  3. >You had a great "Wearing History" 30's jacket pattern on Etsy that was very similar to these jackets. Any thoughts on re-issuing that one?

  4. >so elegant! thanks for sharing 😉

  5. Lauren says:

    >Glad you all like it!1912 Suffragette, not at present- it wasn't quite up to my standards but maybe I'll revisit it again the future :). But I've got a couple of cute patterns I'm working on right now that I'm hoping to have out in Spring!

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