>What Real People Wore- Winter Coats

>It’s still cold and snowy in so much of the world- so I thought you might enjoy some vintage ladies to match the weather!  We’ve got an unusual trio today.  I tend to horde sportswear and summery photographs but I found three ladies who had winter wear on that I thought you might enjoy.

The first gal we have is in the only dated photograph.  On the back is written “Alberta  1925.”  It could be Alberta, Canada- or perhaps her name is Alberta.  Whichever, at least we have a date!  In my opinion she is the most fashionably put together of the three ladies.  Her coat is probably of dark wool or velvet with pintucked details around he hem and sleeves with big turn back cuffs and fur accents at the collar and in a band near the bottom of the coat.  The collar of the coat was the type that could be left open, as she is shown, or fasten up close around the neck. Just divine!  Her hat looks to me as though it was probably made of velvet with a large turn back brim in silk and is decorated with little faux flowers.  And her shoes do not look very warm for walking about in the snow and ice! They look to be of leather with a strap across the front and what I initially thought might have been fishnet stockings are actually what look like a cotton rib (see the wrinkles near the ankles).  Also check out her interesting little purse.

 Our next heroine is wearing a very fun outfit that I would say dates her to around 1933.  She’s got coat that looks like it was either velvet or some sort of short fur with a large fur collar and cuffs. Under this she’s wearing a wildly bold jumper with pleats at the side fronts over a light colored blouse with a rounded collar.  Over the jumper she’s tied a long scarf (which looks to me like it might have been red or green).  Add her little jaunty cap with faux wings at the front and her lace up oxfords and she’s a darling picture of early 1930s style.  She reminds me very much of a young Barbara Stanwyck with her marcel wave and her features.

Finally we’ve got a gal who’s probably my favorite of the three.  I always love a story that tells a picture and this one certainly can! What sort of adventure do you think found our heroine wearing a men’s leather jacket and boots with laces untied out in the snow and holding two scrub boards?  She also looks like she’s wearing an apron and has a funny little cap.  I love it!  This photo probably dates to the late 30s to early 40s judging by the length of her skirt.  Further proof that not all was glamorous back in the good old days- but the smile on her face is just priceless!

 Happy Wednesday!
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10 Responses to >What Real People Wore- Winter Coats

  1. carla says:

    >Very nice post. I did a image search for "vintage Tulsa", which took me to Living the Good Life, then here.I just love vintage fashion and plan to visit here often!

  2. >Love the third girl !I often come across discarded old photographs and wonder who they are, why someone got rid of them, they must have meant something to someone at some time~ maybe i should start writing on the back of my photo's, just in case @;-)Sorry off track… want her boots !!!!

  3. Debi says:

    >I love these!!! Fantastic photos! I adore the hat in the first photo, the coat in the second and the smile in the third!

  4. >:D I love that last photo!

  5. >Hehe, I like the last one- the gal with her wash boards! Maybe she was using them for sledges?!!! Such a happy picture.Tickety Boo Tups x

  6. casey says:

    >These are so neat! πŸ™‚ I love how you break down these old snapshots and analyze the subject's outfits; that's part of the reason I collect old photos. πŸ˜‰ I really love the first gal's hat–so pretty. But the last one takes the cake for fun–I wonder too what she was up to! β™₯ Casey | blog

  7. >Great photos! Love the 3rd lady – you don't suppose she used the washboards to slide down the hill, do you? ;)Thanks a bunch for sharing!

  8. Sara says:

    >Oh this was interesting! Thanks for this post! Remind me a bit the way I dress up on winter, I don't really care if it's -30 degrees outside, I'll still were some skirt, but with many tights under it :D-Saraautumn, coffee and inspiration

  9. Lauren says:

    >Glad you guys like the photos πŸ™‚ You're probably right! She probably was outside sliding down hills! That makes her even more endearing!

  10. >Oh, I'm sorry I missed this! I have a hunch the first girl is FROM Alberta, Canada, where I was born and raised. The snowy background seems to fit. These are just great!

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