>Women in Trousers- Mid 1930s- What Real People Wore


I’ve always been particularly inspired by women’s sportswear.  I love vintage casual looks!  Here’s a few really cute pictures I’ve collected of a group of gals from the mid 1930s playing around while wearing trousers.  Thought you all might enjoy and use as inspiration for yourselves!
Check out the sheer volume of the pant legs at the gal at the far right.  Gee whiz!  Oxford Bags ain’t got nothing on her!  Also look at the shoes they’re wearing.  Heels for the most part… something I probably wouldn’t do!
I love this shot so we can see the variations on the blouses they were wearing.  Buttoned to the neck, unbuttoned, striped, yoked, sleeveless, with scarves.  Fun stuff.
Three gals in pretty much the same pair of pants.  Maybe they made them, maybe they all ordered them from a catalog… but see the different fit on the different body types.  Just goes to show ya how one pair of pants can look different on different gals! Also notice the fit- 30s pants fit way different than modern pants and different even than 1940s and 1950s pants.  They were generally more baggy and less figure hugging.  Even though I don’t notice darts in the front there’s a definite drape at the body and they hang pretty straight down with a lowered crotch.  I think the idea was to fit with a similar drape to a skirt but to be bifurcated.  I like the look but it certainly is foreign to a modern gal who fits everything pretty snugly.
Can’t leave this shot out! Neener Neener- the girls are wearing pants!
Hope you all have a fabulous New Years Eve! May this next year bring lots of fun fashion your way!
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8 Responses to >Women in Trousers- Mid 1930s- What Real People Wore

  1. Sara says:

    >Oh, amazing shots 🙂 I like them very much! the last photo especially!-Saraautumn, coffee and inspiration

  2. Miss Emmi says:

    >Wow, what a great series of pictures… I wish I knew their story. They look like such fun loving friends.

  3. >Happy New Year!!!hihi – these girls seem to have the time of their life – love that!! Thank you for sharing. And now I am going to find as awesome pants.. :")Love, Frl. Irene Palfy

  4. Beth says:

    >Interesting idea that 30's pants were intended to hang more like skirts than men's trousers…that does explain the lowered crotch! I always wondered about that. Great photos!

  5. garofit says:

    >I love this type of post which helps me get a better idea of the cut and fit of the 30s, in a way that i can understand – though photos!!!

  6. >Thanks for posting these photos. I'm not that into the 30s style, but this is truly inspirational!Happy New Year to you too :)Miss Mmissmargaritas.blogspot.com/

  7. >I enjoyed this post. It seems to be mom in the skirt in front and dad in back and then five daughters and/or cousins playing around.They are certainly showing off the slacks, which suggests they didn't usually romp around in them. They seem to be having lots of fun.Thanks for this post.— Java

  8. >Love those photos, especially the last one where they're peeking from behind the tree. They're so cute! Like you, I love '20s and '30s daywear and sportswear. I have to start making some for myself …

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