>Christmas Gifts, Winter 1933ish


This lovely page of inspiration is the inside back cover of a winter sale catalog from Bella Hess.  The catalog is undated, but I think it’s probably from around 1933 or 1934.
My absolute favorite thing on the page is the weatherproof and rainproof  “cotton suede” sports coat.  Yum! I’ll take that exact ensemble, please.  I’m also in love with the pattern of the men’s blanket robe.  They didn’t change much since the teens, did they? (see the previous post here).
I put the two together and it looks worthy of a witty quote. What say you?
Merry Christmas Eve!
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3 Responses to >Christmas Gifts, Winter 1933ish

  1. >LOVE!!!!! Merry Christmas, Darling!

  2. >The coat is fab! That rayon bedspread is hideous though…I guess not all vintage things are pretty!And the men's blanket robe is fascinating – there is a nearly identical one at my local op shop that I have been eyeing up, but Mr Dreamy has no interest in it and I just can't justify buying it for the fun. Sigh.

  3. >I would love to have that sport coat..Have a happy x-mas!

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