>Simplicity, Double Mint, and Deanna Durbin- December 1938


While flipping through the December 1938 issue of Photoplay I have I was really taken with this ad.  Wouldn’t it be the perfect holiday dress?
This is the second ad of this kind that I have seen in my magazine stash in which Double Mint Gum paired with Simplicity Patterns and a famous star of the day.  The star in this ad is the beautiful Deanna Durbin, a personal favorite of mine.  The pattern advertised is Simplicity 2951.  Do any of you have it, dear readers? I would love to compare the pattern envelope to the ad!
This ad claims the gown was designed by Vera West, a costume designer in Hollywood who was mostly known for monster flicks, ironically (read this interesting, if sad, article for more on Vera West).  But I have to wonder- did the design team at Simplicity catch wind of the dress and make a copy?  Or did Miss West actually design the gown herself for both Deanna Durbin and the pattern company?  I’ll leave you to decide.
Click on the image for a larger version
Happy Wednesday!
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4 Responses to >Simplicity, Double Mint, and Deanna Durbin- December 1938

  1. >Wow! What a great dress!

  2. Naomi says:

    >Love it and my favorite Deanna!

  3. Jaede says:

    >What a sad life Miss West had. I love the costuming from those early Universal horror movies. On a brighter note just minutes before reading your post I discovered Deanna Durbin is alive and well living in Paris. That is a fabulous dress !

  4. >Great dress! The lacing detailing is such a fun addition.

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