>Snow Suits for Tots- Winter 1936


Can you believe it’s Christmas week?  I’ve got vintage holiday music streaming while I’ve been listing some vintage pattern on Etsy, and these little images have me extra inspired by the cuteness.  We don’t have any little tots in our family out here, but someday perhaps I’ll have to dress up someone else’s kid (or my own, God willing) in something equally adorable.  Of course in Southern California there’s little call for snowsuits, but aren’t they just so cute?  This is from a Fall/Winter 1936-1937 catalog.
Hope you’re all having a lovely (and stress free) holiday season!
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5 Responses to >Snow Suits for Tots- Winter 1936

  1. >How adorable! I particularly love the pink and red outfits in the upper right.

  2. >aww, those are SO cute! I have a little lady and a little man on the way. I think I'll need to find some patterns for something similar to these for next year!

  3. >Oh my, they are adorable. I have a pair of brown utility (1940’s) wool gaiter/spat type trousers for a little tot in my collection- very much like the red ones at the bottom!I could actually do with a larger version for myself at the moment, as we still have an abundance of snow. Merry Christmas…. xxTupsxx

  4. >Oh, I can see myself dressing my niece and nephew up in some of these adorable ensembles!!

  5. >Oooh…love the jackets with spat leggings!

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