>Warm Scarves, Caps, and Sweaters- 1910s


If you saw my last post on Gift Certificates available in my shop now, you might recognize the top of this page!  Isn’t this delightful?  All the lovely colors and patterns- I’m having a hard time choosing a favorite, though I particularly love the blue and white checkered scarf and the fuzzy white scarf with bands of color.
Can you believe Christmas is just over a week away?  What happened to December?  Pretty soon I’ve got to find spare time to get some Christmas baking done, and if I’m lucky I might *just* be able to squeeze in some last minute sewing!
Hope your holiday plans are going well, and that you all had a lovely Thursday!

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4 Responses to >Warm Scarves, Caps, and Sweaters- 1910s

  1. >Oh, these gals are just darling!! I love the burgundy "worsted Navajo" and "warm Pickford cap"!!! I just finished my first round of Christmas baking. Now, just have to give it all away to avoid temptation!! xoxo

  2. >Ooh, they're all so warm and pretty looking! I can't decide which one I want the most!

  3. >Ugh…I'll love this post come June, but right now, it's a hot summer day in NZ and the thought of all that fabric is horrid!

  4. >cool! I love hearing the history of things I use all the time. and I wear scarves a lot!

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