>Winter Robes and Slippers, 1910s

>Here’s a few lovely pages from the same catalog I posted from a few days ago- the Christmas Bella Hess catalog from the 1910s.  Aren’t these perfectly lovely and warm?  They remind me very much of the Pendleton wool I just made my coat from. I’d love to find one in a little lighter weight to make a robe with a big cord belt with tassels like the ones pictured.  The slippers look so dainty and warm, too!

Click on any image for a larger version
If you’re feeling inspired by the images there are two ladies robe reprints from Past Patterns that would make up into similar robes.  This one is a kimono robe and this one is a bathrobe.  Although both are dated circa 1921 they could easily pass for late 1910s like the catalog images above.  If your gent is in need of a smoking jacket similar to the one above Past Patterns also has a reprint pattern available.  Hmm… if only I could get some last minute sewing done before Christmas…
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One Response to >Winter Robes and Slippers, 1910s

  1. >Ooooh…I love the robes, but I love, love the slippers! Why don't they make pretty indoor shoes anymore!

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