>Painting Faces, Part II

>Many thanks on the comments on my last blog post! I had no idea that several of you are into this as well 🙂
I’m still feeling a little rusty on my art skills.  I used to really enjoy painting and drawing, but my instructors always said my art was too “sketchy”, so I was a little uneasy that my “sketchiness” showed on her face… but at a little bit away I think she looks good.  Your comments really helped me feel more confident 🙂  Was a fun project.
So for part II- yesterday she got her hair set.  But it didn’t hold very well… I wanted nice bouncy curls but I got curls at the ends instead.  So… she got an updo.  And I’m actually quite pleased with how it came out!  She looks quite different and I like her much more with her new face and  new hair.  She looks much more vintage!
Check out this blog for how she originally looked- she’s the 2001 redhead.
Poor thing is too curvy for my Gene clothes, and I never did get any Tyler clothes.  So she just gets to wear this until I make her something or save up for something new.  I’m excited that the new doll releases are using the same body as her.  I’ve got my eye on the dolls I linked to in the last post and just put my preorder payment on the “Star Power” doll, so she and my newly made over Tyler can share clothes.  Thankfully I bought patterns back when Vogue had them for her so with a few alterations I think I can make her something vintage.  Or maybe even get creative and drape a thing or two on her eventually.  You know, in between the other work projects and hobbies. I’m not even going to mention the *cough* three *cough* sewing projects for myself that have been neglected all week.

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6 Responses to >Painting Faces, Part II

  1. >Nice job!! She looks so much better! I collect dolls too 😀

  2. >wow, that doll is one lucky lady to have you as her stylist!

  3. casey says:

    >She looks smashing! I have to admit that I *cough cough* have been spending too much time on Ebay lately stalking listings to try and win myself a redhead Gene doll… It's pathetic, really. lol. I only have a bright blond one (Incognito), and have been dying for a redhead for ages! lol.♥ Casey | blog

  4. >I think she looks awesome!

  5. >Thanks, gals!Casey, Incognito was my first Gene doll, too! I love her. She always reminded me of Grace Kelly.Hope you find your redhead!

  6. Diane says:

    >Beware! This "pleasant diversion" can become addicting! Thank you for linking my blog to yours, I may be spending some time here reading about all your interests.I love my dolls with updos, and your Tyler's hair looks beautiful.

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