>By the Sea- 1930s and 40s Sportswear and Swimwear Snapshots


This trio of friend is really a darling look at summertime sportswear. The girl on the right I find especially inspring. Her playsuit looks to be made of a rayon with a colorful print with masks. I wonder what color the print was. I also love the shoes of both of the girls. The ones on the left are thong sandals I keep seeing in old photos and magazines- and they look very similar to sandals you can purchase today!

This group at the seashore is a great look at casual swimwear or sportswear.  I really love what the girl turning to look at the camera is wearing.  Her outfit seems to be a skirted swimsuit in a tropical floral print and she’s wearing round sunglasses with wide arms.  Her hair is piled on top of her head but left unfussy and down at the back.  The girl leaning back on the beach chair also has a great ensemble.  She strikes me as somewhat of a tomboy type- and she seems less concerned with what she’s wearing as long as it’s practical and functional.  Her shorts almost look like they’re a lightweight denim.  I can picture her shouting “Last one in the water is a rotten egg!”
This is a great shot of two gals and their pup, and I love how there’s a shadow of the photographer’s head visible on the cement.  The girl on the right is wearing a bathing suit with shorts that button to the halter top and white accents along the top and side of the shorts.  She’s barefoot and wearing large round sunglasses.  The girl on the left holding the dog is in a very cute ensemble I’d love for myself! A halter top with gathers where the ties attach and white shorts with socks (I’m betting either red or navy) and saddle shoes.
The last shot is a bathing beauty sporting a stunning two tone bathing suit.  This is a perfect art deco style ensemble with a scoop neck and pointed insets with a two tone braided belt.  I think it might have been black and white but I can equally see it in dark navy and yellow  She seems to know she looks swell!
Hope everyone had a great weekend and your Monday is off to a good start!
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5 Responses to >By the Sea- 1930s and 40s Sportswear and Swimwear Snapshots

  1. Dejah Thoris says:

    >So enjoyable! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Trudy Callan says:

    >These are amazing photos. The suits are all so stylish.Trudywww.sewingwithtrudy.blogspot.com

  3. >Great post! Yes, I've noticed those sandals in old photos too – one of Jane Russell and one of Lauren Bacall!!-Andi x

  4. Charlotte says:

    >That Deco bathing suit is amazing! Thanks too for the summer shoe inspiration. I want saddle shoes…xx CharlotteTuppence Ha'penny Vintage

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