>Put on a Happy Face- What Real People Wore

>Today’s one of those days that has me down- all running around in circles and not much getting done.  So as a pick me up I’m posting some great old photos that make me happy.
These photos are real people doing real things and having real fun!  In my travels I love to sift through boxes of old photos and often wonder who the people were and what they were doing when the picture was shot.

One of the reasons I most love this photo is the looks on their faces.  It seems like they are such a genuine and nice bunch of folks.  I have more of the same group of people playing in the snow (I posted on here, you can find under the tag “what real people wore”), but now it’s spring and they are frolicking around in fields of wildflowers.  I love the girls in their sweaters, blouses, and skirts.

 The girls all flock to the man in uniform! Well, this one looks like they might be relatives, but seriously how wonderful is this photo?  It makes you wonder.. did he just get home on leave?  Or is he about to leave and they’re sending him off in style?  Or maybe this is the first time he came home in his new uniform.  I simply adore the apple print jumper the girl on the left has.  I have other photos of her, too, and she was quite a stylish gal!  Seeing the white shoes in the grass makes me happy, too.
A darling photo of two girls, but I wonder- what did the photographer just say that gave them a good laugh?  If only the photo could talk.  This one seems very California to me with the terra cotta roofing and the stucco they’re sitting on.  I’m going to pretend it’s a rooftop in Los Angeles somewhere and they’re hoping to make their way to fame in Hollywoodland.

 I found this photo at the same time as the one above, many years ago, and I think maybe they really were aspiring models or actresses.  The same style of terra cotta roof with the stucco walls.  I’m not really well versed on 20s styles but it looks like a swimsuit to me with a high turtleneck.  Quite unusual, I think! Anyone know anything more about this style?  I love the fact that she’s wearing nice and shiny black pumps with her shorts ensemble.

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5 Responses to >Put on a Happy Face- What Real People Wore

  1. Lauren says:

    >Great Post!!! I love the photos. I can't wait to see what you put in your shop.

  2. >sorry you had one of THOSE days, but really exciting to read about your pattern plans! LOVE every last one of those wonderful photos, too!

  3. casey says:

    >These are fantastic! I've been on a huge old-photo-hunting kick (for inspiration; I've been in a terrible rut lately!), and these are utterly perfect. I'm coveting that apple print dress too!I cannot wait to see what new patterns you've got in the works! Hurrah!!!♥ Caseyblog | elegantmusings.com

  4. fuzzylizzie says:

    >Great photos. I love the last two. Yes, that has to be a swimsuit, late 1920s or early 30s. I've seen photos or fashion drawings with this high neck style.

  5. Diva says:

    >Photos get my fantasy going too !

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