>Sewing Project- The Disneyland Dress

>Last week was 50’s day at Disneyland for The Fedora Lounge.  True to form I wanted to make a dress but procrastinated and procrastinated about cutting and sewing, even though I knew what I wanted in my head.  Well, the dress is now done, some five days late. Originally I picked out this modern but vintage looking lightweight cotton as a museum dress to visit Paris last summer.  Then it came up again in mind when we went to NewYork.  Well, it finally made it’s mind to be something for Disney, but that is late as well, so maybe it should be the “Late for a Date” dress instead of the “Disneyland Dress”.  Haha! But the colors remind me so much of 1950s Disneyland that it’s name is staying as it is in the title!  For examples of what I mean see here, here, and here.

This was a combination of two vintage 50s McCall patterns.  I loved the top of the one (which was really a pain in the butt to do but I love the way it looks), and the bottom was basically just a full gathered skirt, which I really could have just done as large rectangles instead of using pattern pieces.  Ah well.
Here’s the pattern.  I can’t track down another copy on the ‘net of a color picture, but here it is- mine came envelopeless.  McCall 8815.  I really love it! I might have to make another someday the way it was intended.

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6 Responses to >Sewing Project- The Disneyland Dress

  1. >Love the dress and I LOVE Disneyland!!

  2. >Ohhh, it's gorgeous! Very Disneyland indeed. =D-Andi x

  3. Charlotte says:

    >Ahh! It's adorable!!! Is this 50s day an annual thing?

  4. Carys says:

    >Wow, that dress is absolutely amazing, I cannot believe you made it! I am so glad I found your blog today, it is just lovely!From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  5. Lauren says:

    >I love it!!!! So cute.

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