>1934- Summer Silk and Cotton Frocks

>Hope everyone had a grand weekend!  I’ve been adding a few patterns to the Etsy shop and just having a nice normal day.  It’s a bit gloomy today for California standards for a day in May, and I’m finding the weather is making me want to snuggle in with some tea, get creative with some sewing, and cook up some nice comfort food for dinner.
Here’s a few inspiring pages from a 1934 catalog to inspire your monday.  Aren’t the colors wonderful?

Lovely Cotton frocks for summer- the descriptions are on the page following with the girls dresses at the top.

And wonderful designs in vibrant colors for summer silks! I love the sleeves a la Letty Lynton, and the green and yellow dress a the bottom.
Hope your week is off to a great start!

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4 Responses to >1934- Summer Silk and Cotton Frocks

  1. Andrea says:

    >Are you taking orders? I need one of the navy and white polka dot dress and one of the black and white evening gown. I have a love/hate relationship with old catalog. They are lovely to look through, but we can't get any of those dresses any more.

  2. Brook says:

    >the prices are what kill me…. $2 … aaahhhh could you imagine…

  3. >Thanks for posting the pics. So often I hear the incorrect belief that people didn't wear much colour in the 30's – as if everything was dull and grey like in black and white movies!So it is always marvellous to see proof otherwise.

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