>Shop Updates- 50s Dresses!


Just in time for spring or Viva, I have finally uploaded my stash of 50s dresses! I have been hemming and hawing of whether I would add these to my closet or part with them, but sensibility won out and stash of dresses and a few tops have been added to my Etsy store today!
Out of all the things I posted this knit top would be the most likely to stay in my closet, but alas! Alack! Alackaday! It isn’t my size 😦  Sure does look cute with my new Freddies of Pinewood jeans, though.  Boo…
This little dress is they type I always dream up in my head when I look at 50s patterns but never see the real ones. Colorful, fun, and with little details, this little beauty’s even got a corded hem to help the skirt stand out.  Is that ingenious or what?  I’ll have to add that to my sewing inspiration…
This little cutie would look perfect in Paris in the spring.  Can’t you just picture her strolling in the Tuilleries with a big wide brim black straw hat with pink flowers on top?  I think my favorite is the “puritan” collar at back with the long points.  So fun!
There’s about five other little numbers from the 50s I just uploaded as well… go take a peek at my store.
Maybe I’ll get motivated next week and list the other little odds and ends I’ve been hording.  It’s funny, my brain goes into automatic pattern listing mode and I type in the tags without thinking and then have to go back and re-edit them.  Creature of habit, that’s me!
Hope you all have fabulous plans for this weekend!
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5 Responses to >Shop Updates- 50s Dresses!

  1. >Oooh, that black dress is just swish!

  2. Brook says:

    >oh i love the last one!!

  3. Sonia says:

    >that middle dress is calling me!

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