>A laughing trio, circa 1939

>A good friend sent me a charming package of some old photos and some fun pinbacks.  I want to share them all, but I’m starting with this one.  Hopefully this will be a series of “What Real People Wore”.

This  handsome trio on the grass reminds me very much of myself and two of my guyfriends.  The one on the right looks so much like one of my best guy friends who passed away last year, it’s uncanny.  And has the same glowing cheerfulness.  I love finding photos of people who remind me of others.  The guy on the left reminds me very much of a friend in the midwest who has a heart of gold but does gangster re-enacting and when we first met he had me quivering in my boots!  Ha! Goes to show you about appearances!
I’m no expert on men’s clothes, but I adore the casual stances of these two gentlemen with their double breasted coats unbuttoned and their classy two tone shoes.
The girl’s wardrobe is close to my heart.  This is how I would dress every day in summer! A fun little striped playsuit with a halter and shorts, a head scarf tied under the chin, and white low heeled shoes with striped socks.  Charming! I love how she’s abandoned her overskirt carelessly on the grass, and it looks like she has a cardigan thrown over her shoulders.
For an idea of a more glamorous version of this type style, here’s the cover of a McCall pattern from 1938:

If you’re looking to recreate this sort of look, here’s a repro pattern by EvaDress that’s beyond fabulous! This is a little earlier style than the ones pictured, but it has the same feel regardless.

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5 Responses to >A laughing trio, circa 1939

  1. Bonkers823 says:

    >Wow…it does look a lot like him! Great post! Thanks for sharing that photo!!

  2. >Cute photo! I adore play-suits in the Summer too! Especially because I live in Arizona! The summers are usually in the three digits, and a play-suit & pair of Ked's tennis shoes, are always so light & comfortable.XO~Syd

  3. Amy Jeanne says:

    >Yeay! More "real" people of the olden days!!

  4. casey says:

    >I always love snapshots of "normal people" (aka not movie stars!) and studying both their expressions and clothes! The lady's playsuit is just sooo cute–I want one! ;)♥ Caseyblog | elegantmusings.com

  5. fuzzylizzie says:

    >I love the idea of "what real people wore." As you've shown so well, we can learn a lot from old photos.

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