>Etsy Shopping!

>I have been puttering away here on projects!  Just finished a set of Regency stays, but I’m waiting for my laces in the mail before I share pictures.  Matt’s coat is sitting in an uncut, unassembled pile in the living room.  And I’m sitting here at the computer under our vintage hood hair dryer trying out some new hair toys.  Who says technology and vintage things don’t mix? 😉
I’ve been listing up a storm on etsy! I have hundreds (for realz) of patterns to go through and list, so I’ve gotten quite a bit up there these last few weeks.  I also put up some of my repros on ebay for the first time, so we’ll see  how that goes or if I should stick to etsy! I have a few more tricks up my sleeve but I have learned from experience not to make promises that might never come true, so when they’re all in line I’ll let you know.
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Speaking of Etsy, I’m going to give a list of a few of my favorite shops, in honor of reaching 700 users who mark me as a favorite! Let’s share the Etsy love 🙂
Vessangel– My best friend’s shop full of vintage goodness and patterns.  She’s listing more things, too, so keep an eye out!
RedThreaded– She’s ridiculously talented and a fellow costumer.  Totally drool worthy historical gowns and such.
IvaRose– Lovely reproduction knitting and crochet patterns.
Miss1929 is new to etsy, but she’s already got lovely gowns and jewelry up.  Classy styles for classy ladies!
Tea At Home with Olivia– fun and quirky vintage, and what’s not to love about her name?
Rumble Seat Cat– Reproductions of neat vintage books.
Pink Grapefruit Style– One of those stores I literally wish I could have everything from.  Love the pics!
Petit Brocante– Seriously, if I could make a French flea market into an etsy store, this would be it.
KamiSue– Has wonderfully odds and ends for creating things with.
Wonder Trading Company– Same as the above.
Stylish Ribbons– more lovely things for creating.  Super nice lady, too!
Texas Girl Vintage– I seriously wish I could shrink my feet to fit in the 30s shoes she has listed!
Neat Curios– If I could climb into an abandoned attic and unearth vintage treasures, these are the things I would find.
Cocardes and Corsetry– If only I had the budget to get some of her lovely treasures!  Worth looking for inspiration!
Beautiful Reign– Same as above.  The boudoir of my dreams would have things from here!
Romancing the Bling– I really love these combs.  Maybe someday when the perfect occasion arises!
Carmen and Ginger– I always seem to find her items in my searches! Excellent taste.
Exquisite Bones– She has cute vintage and always takes adorable pictures!
Hollywood Vintage– Hats! Hats! Hats!
Flapper Flock– Nicole’s adorable shop.  She always has such lovely things!  Also has a store in Redlands called Hobo’s Vintage.

What are your favorite etsy shops, or do you have one of your own?  Links welcome!

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2 Responses to >Etsy Shopping!

  1. julie says:

    >i have an etsy shop! i'm not good about posting new stuff very often, but have some rad stuff sometimes. i've got a lot of good stuff waiting in the wings, though…jitterbugvintage.etsy.com

  2. >Oooh, Julie, those culottes! If only my waist were a leeeetle bit smaller!

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