>Etsy Updates and a Sale!

>Goodness, today seems to be my listing day for the week!
I had a big ol’ pile of things sitting and waiting, and most of them seem to have been purses.  I got all of the purses up, and I think other than that I have things for a “sample sale” otherwise known as things I made and a) didn’t wear b) wore once or c) made as samples of things I was planning on selling.  Maybe next week I’ll get those up.
In any case, here’s just two of the purses I put up, and excerts of the silly stories I made to go along with them.

“She travelled far and long, through heat and cold, storm and drought- following the man with the clay pipe and dirty fedora. Down ravines, through sand storms, past angry natives- and all she has as a momento is the battered leather quilt made into a purse that once graced the armchair of his shipboard suite.
Or such is a story that could have happened.”

“When I was little and playing ‘make believe’, I’m sure I would have made this purse belong to a Princess- with magical crystal beads coming out of the flowers- maybe to show only when the true owner carries it- and flip to the the back side to fool my friends (see? You don’t get the flowers, they’re for ME only)”
I also got this little gal up!  Hurrah! I really want to make myself one, but this is a one of a kind creation since this is the only fabric I have like this!
Since I’m on the shameless self promotion post, I might as well add that I’m participating in this weekend’s “Weekend Deals” from Etsy.  If you add “weekend deals” to the note to seller I’ll refund 10% of the total purchase price before shipping costs via Paypal.  I’ll extend it for my blog readers- any time now through Sunday night and you get the weekend deal offer 🙂
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