>The Trailer Park Shirt


I love this fabric!  It’s so 50s looking with little cars and trailers and houses on it- so I call it the Trailer Park shirt.  At first I called it “trailer trash fabric” but my husband said that wasn’t very nice.  I can’t see why… I’m the one who’s wearing it. hehe.

Yesterday was my birthday and we went to Disneyland! Yay! I heart Disney!
I made up this little shirt for the occasion and I wore my new jeans I made, and I got to sport my brand new vintage frames!

It was from Simplicity 4645, the view with sleeves.  I had purchased this fabric from Yardage Town, and I paired it with off white rick rack from an estate sale.  It’s got an invisible zipper at the underarm.
Although I wouldn’t normally crop him out, he was making a nonintentional funny face in this shot, but it’s the best of the fabric and my new glasses!
One of my favorite things at Disneyland is the Tiki Room, and just for kicks, here’s a few pictures of the outside so you can share the tiki goodness.
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5 Responses to >The Trailer Park Shirt

  1. AlohaAroha says:

    >Super cute! The blouse pattern is just perfect!

  2. Ms. B says:

    >Such a cute top, the rick rack makes it perfect!

  3. reilly says:

    >Happy belated birthday!! The blouse is so cute and I love the colorful socks. 🙂

  4. >Happy belated birthday. I love the blouse!-Andi x

  5. casey says:

    >How fun!!! I always love vintage patterns made up in kitschy, novelty fabrics–the 50s seems so perfect for them. 😉 Happy (very belated! :p) Birthday, btw!!!

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