>1870s Picnic

Yesterday we travelled up to Long Beach for a lovely afternoon of 1870s picnicking at the Banning Residence Museum. The house is absolutely gorgous inside, with so many rare and beautiful antiques. The teenage girls room is just like a room I would love to have for myself- even now- with Deliniator and Harpers Bazaar magazines strewn about, a picturesque little sewing basket, and such amazing period furniture swathed in laces and textiles.
Here’s a few photos from yesterday. My husband, Vanessa, Valerie, and I rode up and shared a yummy lunch on the lawn. We three ladies all made our gowns- Vanessa (in the white with pink accents) made hers in only five days and after working overtime at work! My husband wore all original vintage, with the exception of his shirt, which he found new at a thrift store but it’s perfect!

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8 Responses to >1870s Picnic

  1. >Divine!!!! You look like you stepped out of a Tissot painting!

  2. Rhian says:

    >Seeing these beautiful photos of such well-made clothes is a real treat! Thank you – and you look wonderful!

  3. >Oh my goodness those dresses are amazing! I have always longed to wear a 1860s or 1870s era dress, but have never had any excuse too. The picnic looks so fun, you all look so great. Lovely pictures! That house is gorgeous.

  4. Jennifer says:

    >It was great to see you and Vanessa again. Your white gowns were lovely. Perfect for floating around the lawns. We (HCA) are definitely planning on making this an annual event.

  5. laurakitty says:

    >These photos are just gorgeous. Your clothes look so well-made and so period- I'm constantly amazed by everything you make and how well you put together every outfit.

  6. AlohaAroha says:

    >Soooo gorgeous! Please post more pictures of that dress! Did you blog about it when you made it?

  7. casey says:

    >How lovely! Everything looks so picturesque… I adore the styles from this period. :)- Caseyelegantmusings.com

  8. jennylafleur says:

    >*sigh* I love that frock of yours!

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