>Yummy German Pancakes!

Our recent few weekends have had me craving German Pancakes! We used to have them as a treat when we went out to breakfast where they served them (big ones are German Pancakes and small ones are Dutch Babies) but the last time it was more expensive so we hadn’t been back. One morning, having a pancake craving, I pulled out my old Settlement Cookbook from 1934, and under the pancake directory they had them! Now we’re nicely full of German Pancakes and coffee from the French press. Yum! I’m including the recipe, which you can click to make bigger. If you give it a try please let me know what you think of them!

I put my etsy store on Vacation Mode this morning so I can focus on things around here for the next few days. I’ll have it up again mid-August, hopefully with lots more fun findings from our travels!

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6 Responses to >Yummy German Pancakes!

  1. >This is also Yorkshire pudding, which is great with roast beef and gravy…personally I like this with butter and powdered sugar for breakfast! Looks like yours puffed up wonderfully!

  2. >I'm definitely going to give those a try. I love baking and cooking, and this looks like a really fun recipe!Thanks for sharing!

  3. Mars says:

    >oh my gosh those look delicious. and i love the cover of that book haha xD!

  4. >Oh my those look scrumptious! We've been scoring blueberries at a pretty decent price here for the past few weeks and whipping up batch after batch of blueberry pancakes. I think I'll try making these next time though for a really cool change of pace. Thank you for the wonderful recipe!Hope you have a splendid Sunday!♥ Jessica

  5. >Oh! The Settlement Cookbook…I remember seeing that so many times at my Granny's!

  6. Chris says:

    >We know something like these as "Dutch Boy," but what we know as "German pancakes" is something quite different. The batter is poured in a pan (in a spiral from inside to out) and essentially fried in butter. You get something very flat with all the edges (gaps form from the spiraling) very crispy. Eat flat or roll into a tube. The "Dutch Boy" is a favorite as well, although I can't imagine having it with limes.Got here: Google image search for bike helmets–fedora lounge–wearing history.

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