>Busy sewing bee!

>First off, thanks so much to everyone who left such nice comments on my new haircut! Horray! I’ve been having so much fun playing with ways to dress it, and nearly every night I’ve been putting in curlers, since it’s fun to see the results in the morning and it dries so fast!
I’ve been a busy bee this weekend! It started with Friday with two of my very best girlfriends coming to visit and barbecue. We had a sew-a-thon for sure, and I got so much done! Saturday was the 4th. God bless America! I love that holiday, so no sewing but lots of flag waving, eating, and visiting with family. Sunday another sew-a-thon, with lots getting done and nearly everything from my trip finished!
Here’s a super cute pair of pjs- the tops are from CiCi of CiCi Speaks, and the bottoms are from Green Dragon Lady on Etsy. I made the belt this weekend, so one trip sewing thing crossed off the list! Hurrah for pjs! I feel very Myrna Loy in them.

Ever since I saw “The Women” for the first time, I wanted a dress like Paulette Goddard wore on the train to Reno. I finally found a hooded dress pattern on eBay, and got it and started it the same day! The skirt looked like way too much work with all those pleats and I really wanted to use my sombrero fabric I’ve been hording for a few years, so I used the skirt from a different pattern instead.

I had another pic of a dress that I actually started last week, but I deleted it on accident. Whoops? The ruffles didn’t show up very well anyway, so I’ll take more another time. And I made a hat I forgot to take pics of, too!
The last one I have photos of are the pants I finally made! These are a super lightweight denim, and the pattern is a mid 1930s one from Vintage Fashion Library. I bought the pattern probably four of five years ago and made one pair, but needed to make a larger pair. Unfortunately she’s out of stock, but maybe she’ll print more.

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14 Responses to >Busy sewing bee!

  1. Adalee says:

    >You are such a cutie! Great job on everything, of course! 🙂

  2. Miss Amelina says:

    >Those pants are AWESOME!! And your hair is so cute I can hardly stand it.

  3. reilly says:

    >Eek, I'm so glad the pajamas worked out! You look so cute in the top!It's like you sewed up everything I've been dreaming of – cute 40s hooded dresses and wide legged pants. They both turned out so well! I think it's funny that 'hoodies' managed to look so glamorous in the 40s, but nowadays they're just on frumpy sweatshirts!

  4. >I could die for both of those outfits! But I really love that dress. Prediction: I think hooded dresses will be in next year. You heard it here first!

  5. Ricki says:

    >I love fabric on the hooded dress. It came out great.

  6. >Wow Lauren, you constantly blow me away with a) your productivity b) your sewing skill and c) your choice of fabrics/patterns

  7. AlohaAroha says:

    >I love the pants! And hooded dresses will definitely be 'in' in the US next year: they are already 'in' in NZ! I would love to see a picture of the inspiration dress!

  8. >I don't know if you follow the blogspot Romantic History, (I do)but if you haven't seen her blog, you might want to check it out…she's giving away some pretty dandy vintage vogue patterns!

  9. >Oh, how wonderful! I love those trousers! Wide legs are to die for.And that hooded dress! It's adorable!!x

  10. >Ahh, that hooded dress is absolutely amazing! Well, everything is, of course. Your trip is getting nearer… excited??

  11. Bettie Booh says:

    >Wow, the hooded dress looks like a dream, and I love the pants.

  12. casey says:

    >The hooded dress is gorgeous! I've often drooled over the same outfit in The Women; it's always fun to see inspired outfits. 😉

  13. Rosina Lee says:

    >The pants and the hooded dress are fantastic!

  14. Fiorina says:

    >The pants are ingenious!!!I like them very much 🙂

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