>Wonderful Site Shout Out

>I have seen My Vintage Vogue before, but when she purchased some magazines from my Etsy store, I got re-introduced to her, so to speak. This site is so inspirational and wonderful- if you are in need of some beauty or fashion inspiration do check it out.
Just to kick off summer in 30s fashion, I’m finding these images particularly pleasing!
Wide leg beach pants outfit in red and stripes.
Charming knit swimsuit in white, brown, and yellow.
White pleated dress with red and white striped accents.

Who has a hat fetish? *raises hand wildly* And this one feeds right into my somewhat Victorian gothic pleasure perfectly. Not too early for Halloween, no?

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One Response to >Wonderful Site Shout Out

  1. >I love Vintage Vogue on FlickrDo you know that she is on Photobucket too.I bookmarked both and her Blog too.As for Jessica alas Vintage Vogue, we sent some mails and I must say she is a very nice person.

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