>playing hookie

I totally ditched my man sewing yesterday in favor of the thrift store. Oops? But I found some fun things to update my etsy store with, and bought myself two dresses that I think do 40’s style very well! They’re EXACTLY the same dress, but one in the color I pictured and one in white. I really wanted some little cool rayon dresses for when the weather here gets warm, so I really lucked out, and they fit like a dream! I probably couldn’t even buy the fabric for that much!
Today, to those pajamas? Possibly, but I got an email about an estate sale in the next town over, so that’s more than likely where I’ll be headed. I better get cracking, however, because we’ve only got a little more than a month til we leave and I still have a long sewing list! Eep! Pants and a red, white and blue dress for me, pants and pjs for him- and I’m sure I’ve got more on there, but that’s what I remember from the top of my head.
Just for kicks, here’s a makeup ad from 1943 to help inspire your thursday!

Click on the pic for a bigger image
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4 Responses to >playing hookie

  1. >gorgeous ad! I love the dress super cute find. I cant wait to see what you make for yourself, and I cant believe you also make clothes for your man. I have wanted to attempt to do the same but I am worried I will muck it up since I am only used to sewing for myself. I look forward to seeing what you make for him! ♥

  2. >Oh! That dress is so pretty! Good luck at the estate sale… I've still got to try a few of those out. 😉

  3. Lolita Haze says:

    >Thanks for sharing that ad. Her hair is inspirational.

  4. >Oh! That dress is so pretty! Good luck at the estate sale… I've still got to try a few of those out. 😉

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