>A Few More Patterns, and not much else

>Sewing progress hasn’t been much at all, I’m afraid! Today I’ve got to get back to it, as I owe my husband a pair of pajamas and some pants. Why is menswear so darn boring to sew? It’s not inspiring like ruffles or fun prints or crazy detailing. I have had the pajamas cut out for days, but they’ve just been sitting in their sad little pile and waiting for me to start attacking them.

I’m sorry there’s been so many posts on things I’m selling, but I figure it’s fun to share, and some of these were the prize patterns in my collection, so I’m having fun documenting them 🙂
Yesterday I listed several more things, including a lot of Ladies Home Journal magazines from 1940, and a few more patterns that you can see on my selling list, but these two are some of my favorites, so they deserve picture posts! I’ve got a massive amount of patterns to sort through, so I’m sure more will be coming, but some I’m tracing a copy of so I can have them for later. I only am totally in love with my 30s McCall patterns, so other than that I’m not sad about letting them go! Besides, who can feel even the slightest tinge of remorse when there’s flea markets on the horizon? I know I can’t 😉 It’s all in the hunt!
I do admit, I have strayed from the path of straight and narrow and was sucked into the addiction that is vintage pattern collecting. Oh noes. But it’s early 30s, beachwear, AND Barbara Stanwyck! How could I not buy it? Oh, the woes of the addicted.

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5 Responses to >A Few More Patterns, and not much else

  1. casey says:

    >I have to admit: I'm drooling over all the patterns you're listing! If only I weren't woefully broke and on a self-imposed shopping ban. *le sigh*Best of luck raising some extra spending money for your trip! 😉

  2. reilly says:

    >Oh my, what an adorable pattern! If I were making that I probably wouldn't even stray from their color/pattern choices, I love it!

  3. Amanda says:

    >I would have bought the Stanwick pattern in a heartbeat. Not only because it's cute, but it's Barbara Stanwick!

  4. >These dresses are stunning! Why oh why don't women dress like that anymore?

  5. >wow that last pattern is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

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