>Early 30s Beach Pajamas


Continuing on my sportswear kick, here’s another pattern I’ve been meaning to make for YEARS and never had gotten around to it! The top is a yellow linen I bought at the garment district in LA for $1 a yard, and the bottoms are a printed cotton I got on clearance from Joann for $1.50. I had these bookmarked for this outfit for at least a few years! Buttons are from my vintage button stash.

The pattern is based on an original vintage pattern and is available on my website.

Many thanks to Nicole of Paper Moon Vintage for being the lovely model for the photographs above!

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15 Responses to >Early 30s Beach Pajamas

  1. Amanda says:

    >I love it! Very cool. Would look great with or without a jacket.

  2. Bettie Booh says:

    >Wow, looks amazing

  3. >Wow another super cute summery garment

  4. Amy Jeanne says:

    >GAAAHHH! hdiiajlsdji*speechless*

  5. Lapetitemort says:

    >That is fab! I would so love that!

  6. Atomic Mama says:

    >I have pictures of women playing what looks like bocchi ball in early 30s wearing little suits JUST like that.how cute! great job, as always.

  7. Gingeyginge says:

    >You 'd put it on and drift back in time!

  8. >Gorgeous I have never seen anything like this, its simply amazing. Since I am moving to texas in 2 weeks I have been going to the fabric district in la over and over to stock up!

  9. Glamoursurf says:

    >This is very pretty! I'd love a pair.

  10. >This is incredible. Feminine and carefree. Ahhhh. Bravo!BelleMereBelleFille

  11. casey says:

    >That is so elegant! I just love the floral print you chose, and the big collar. So cute!

  12. Miss Amelina says:

    >Those are so flippin' sweet.

  13. Miss Amelina says:

    >Those are so flippin' sweet.

  14. Lapetitemort says:

    >That is fab! I would so love that!

  15. Amy Jeanne says:

    >GAAAHHH! hdiiajlsdji*speechless*

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