>1933 Shorts Outfit


This has been on my “to-sew” list for years and I finally got around to it! I still need to make the overskirt, but unfortunately I don’t have enough fabric. White linen it is! This is a pale blue with white stripes in a cotton/linen blend and the buttons are vintage.

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10 Responses to >1933 Shorts Outfit

  1. Atomic Mama says:

    >Oh I aspire to reach your glory of seamstress-ery! my goodness, you are a sewing goddess!

  2. >Thank you! I don't know if I'm quite that, but thank you so much! 🙂

  3. >i love it. i want it.

  4. >So elegant I wish I was slim enough to wear shorts like that

  5. Miss Amelina says:

    >That is SO cute!! I love the little topstitched pocket. And side button pant/shorts are always so slimming and flattering. Where will you wear it for the first time? I think I'd go for a bike ride and wave at everybody! 🙂

  6. >Why oh why aren't these back in style? So much nicer than the muffin tops I am overwhelmed with in Southern Cal.It's slim, it's sexy, and it leaves something to the imagination, and still shows off the legs!Great job, I love it! Wish I could wear something like that!

  7. >You are amazing, I love everything about it! Adorable shorts and buttons. ♥

  8. Tina says:

    >Another darling outfit. You are so talented!

  9. >How charmingly wonderful. So, so much more elegant and beautiful than the slew of shorts jumpsuits on the market this summer.Wishing you a beautiful weekend,♥ Jessica

  10. casey says:

    >*swoon* So, so cute! I love the side placket; I'm going to have to try that on the next pair of shorts I make. 😉

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