>First Steampunk Creation


My husband, Matt, had an old 60s travel watch he had in the “give away” pile, which I quickly took for my first steampunk project. The case was very weathered and torn and there is discoloration, but I thought it would be a good project to play with. A lot of these findings are of the type on my Etsy store, and I thought it was about time to play with them myself in steampunk mode. Out came the glue gun, and here’s my project. I don’t know if these photos are good quality or not- this computer has a messed up video drive, so forgive me if they’re not good! The postcard was from the Musee D’Orsay on one of my Paris trips, and I found it in my box of crafting papers. The watch was originally behind the plastic frame. I have lots of left over gears for other projects! Yay!
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8 Responses to >First Steampunk Creation

  1. Dejah Thoris says:

    >Extraordinary! Beautifully done, Lauren. The photos are just fine! Wow!

  2. chloeandrudy says:

    >Very steamy! and pretty too!Val

  3. Elizabeth says:

    >I love it! Absolutely love it! I’ve got a thing for steampunk.

  4. >This is just unbelievable Lauren! It’s amazing!

  5. casey says:

    >This is so fun!!! I love how you took a “giveaway” piece and made it something quite decorative and beautiful!

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