>Inspiration strikes again!

>I have not had much in the way of inspiration lately in my dealings with sewing. Perhaps it is a loss of motivation because of just finishing my daily job of sewing away at the Opera, or perhaps it is simply that I found nothing inspiring enough to make me take needle to fabric and begin! BUT when I saw these pockets that were found from an old 40s clothing factory, inspiration struck in spades! These are from Etsy seller masheri, and she says she has slews more if anyone is interested. Of course, a pocket as fabulous as this could not be alone in fabulousness, so I happened across these sombrero buttons from sandisstuff, and it is a marriage made in heaven! These had also been in my favorites and in a moment of pure inspiration my brain put two and two together!

If you know my hat fetish you might as well know I have a hat already in mind for my new ensemble- one that actually arrived from Ebay this week! Yum! This little beauty set me back only $7, including shipping.

And, of course, the pattern in question. Picture it in natural linen without buttons all the way down, but a shirtwaist style with two large pockets on the skirt, two large pockets on the bolero, and the sombrero buttons up the front, and that’s what I want!


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2 Responses to >Inspiration strikes again!

  1. AvaTrimble says:

    >Oh, how fun! What a great kitschy idea. There’s so rarely a sufficient quota of -fun- in clothing. Or fine costuming, even. Makes me think of Trystan’s sushi bustle dress at Costume College…

  2. casey says:

    >Brilliant! 😀 I love “theme” outfits (must be the costumer in me. haha!), and this one is absolutely too fun! 🙂 That hat is pretty amazing too, btw…

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