>Looking forward to England

>Two blog posts in one day? Must be “le week-end.” I think I mentioned before that Matt and I are blessed to be spending two weeks in England this summer. Lovely friends there let us know about an English Country House week set in 1938, so I’ve been scouring to find things for the trip and rifling through the collection to get things together. Tonight I had a lot of fun pulling things out of trunks and hatboxes and spreading them over the bed and on the doors in preparation, to make sure I have hats and shoes and enough of this, that, and the other outfits. In upcoming months my real task will be mending and fitting these to my size, as well as filling in with little extras. I have already descided that white and red shoes are needed, as well as a red hat, and possibly a kelly green hat. I need a full length white and black or blue slip for two evening gowns, and I need purses, though I have a brown croc and a black Persian lamb 1939 Worlds Fair black muff. Maybe I will have seen the future?
Bad quality pics, but here is the vintage sprawled over the messy bed and door frame, a sight which makes my heart flutter with excitement!

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3 Responses to >Looking forward to England

  1. casey says:

    >How fun and exciting! My goodness… those pictures are so enticing with all that lovely vintage spread about! *drool*

  2. jennil says:

    >Oh wow, you are going to have such fun! Even just packing for such a trip would be a ball!As a side note, I have the same lamp in my bedroom. Great minds think alike, no? 😉

  3. The Doctor says:

    >Greetings!I've nominated you & your blog for the Proximade Friendliness Award!Check out: http://manskerman1780.blogspot.com/2009/03/proximade-friendliness-award.html

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