>Corded Petticoat


Two years ago or so I started a Corded Petticoat project, and, unhappy with it, threw it into a black plastic bag in the bin of unfinished projects, to be forgotten. Making the 1830s dress and contemplating a hem, I descided it was about time to pull it out again and find what I could make of it. The petticoat was really scandalously done- with only about 12 rows of cording and done in about the pattern a drunkard would walk when trying to follow a straight line. I spent the other night while feeling under the weather in bed watching British comedy and taking my seam ripper to the seams, undoing all the tucks I had made before. Finding it too short when the petticoat would be completed, I have faced the bottom of it about 14″ in length so that I can sandwich rows at the bottom and do tucks encasing the cording from the lower length up. Here is the progress so far, though it is quite time consuming so may not be entirely finished until a later date. Mister Charles is helping quite a bit, as you can see.

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2 Responses to >Corded Petticoat

  1. Jennifer says:

    >Hi Lauren,I love your terrific corded petticoat!I teach the corded petticoat class at Costume College and would love to display yours if you get it done in time.I have two original 1830s petticoats and one is made with both a facing on the lower part with tucks above.And I think Mister Charles is doing a fabulous job too.

  2. >Hi Jennifer! I’m actually not going to be able to make it to Costume College this year as I have a trip planned at the same time, but I will miss seeing you and the original petticoats. It’s nice to know that they did the facing on the lower part and tucks above as well! I will tell Mr Charles you say he’s a good helper 🙂

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