>I heart Etsy

New pattern acquisition! This one from this seller, who has more cute patterns for very inexpensively and lovely vintage buttons. This one is missing one of the waistband pieces (basically just a rectangle) and was only $5. I had been eyeing a copy of the same pattern over on EvaDress for $20 for a long while. Funny that the original will come to me from France!

My KnitPicks order also came to me today. It’s very soft and nice. I think, however, I’ll just stick to buying things like yarn and fabric in person, unless its staples. The colors are kind of different than I thought, and even though the reviews on Ravelry were very good for the yarn, it’s not, to me at any rate, “like knitting with a kitten,” as someone had said online. It could be compared with a funny smelling rayon, but not kittens- which is, depending on your outlook, either a good or bad thing. Very nice yarn for the price, and if I have a hankering for a hank of Alpaca I’ll definitely order from them again. There is something to be said for The Black Sheep, though. All the lovely colors and textures make for quite a sensory delight and I can often leave without a purchase feeling quite fulfilled.

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