>And still we go a-knitting

>After scrapping the cable knit sweater I had knitted, I took up this with the remaining yarn from the sweater I just finished. If you look at the top of the second image there are instructions for this pattern and it is remarkably easy and fast. This length was done in the span of only some three to four hours, and for needles that small it is quite fast, especially when you’re only a slow to average speed knitter, like myself. This and the following project date to around the mid 1930s.

And this sweater, I believe, is next on the list if my yarn order doesn’t come before I start! I still have several skeins of Fisherman’s Wool left over.

The fabric for the 1840s has been dyed and come out lacking much of an appearance of a floral print at all and so that fabric has been put aside to become interlining, since it mostly looks like brown cotton now unless your nose is right up on the fabric, and in my opinion, no one’s nose should be that close. I still have the yardage for an 1830s cotton, so we’ll see if that can be started this weekend in lieu of the 1840s.

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