>Sewing Review 2008

>Happy New Year, everyone!

Annual List of Projects:
1930s Black satin and rayon crepe dress
1930s Two piece dress/suit in orange plaid
Black 30s wool skirt
Black floral satin 30s shirt
1930s stripey Blousey shirt
1940s Summer Crop Top and Skirt
1950s Red Plaid dress
1940s Blue Rose Dress
1940s Yellow Rose Housedress
1940 Directional Stripe Cotton Seersucker dress
Ugly 1940s Plaid Jumper (what was I thinking??)
White Regency Dress
Red Regency Robe
Yellow Regency Day Dress
Marianne Hat
Regency Slip
Edwardian Underwear:
Peach Drawers
Peach Camisole
Peach Petticoat
Peach Chemise
White Chemise
White Combinations
White Princess Slip
Edwardian Hat
Peach Edwardian Blouse
Linen Edwardian Skirt
Linen/Cotton Edwardian dress
Wedding Dress
Teens Ragtime Dress

3 hour (12 hour) sweater
Cable Knit Jacket

Poofy Hat
2 little doily things

about 3 necklaces
Halloween wreath

Fancier White Edwardian Chemise (scrapped)
Black Natural Form Ghost Dress (lots of hand sewing of beaded appliques)
White cotton 30s shirt with nautical piping (One of those time consuming projects I keep putting off)
30s tan plaid jacket (ditto above)
Autumn quilt (needs quilting, backing, and binding)
1893 Crossover Bodice (muslin is around here somewhere)
Cable knit sweater (nearly 1/4 finished)
Jiffy Park Avenue knitted blouse (about 1/5 finished)

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