>Knitting A.D.D.

>Swapped my current project for this one

The pattern is kind of screwy. Like, they forgot to put the right number of repeats, so there’s a spot where they stamped a number on top of the printing. And, you know, minor things like forgetting to put that there’s two areas of regular k & purl on the sleeves, and just putting one instead… so I had to pull out two inches of ribbing I had already bound off for one sleeve that I did with the littler needles, and fake it. Silly me for not looking at the picture first, and taking their word for it in the instructions. Ah well. This is my first real try at one of these more open weave things, and even though it looks different than the piccie I still like it. Maybe my yarn over is different than it should be? I’m going to go watch a video after I upload pics. This yarn is supposed to be for the cable knit sweater, but I stole it cause its all I’ve got in the stash and I think I bought too much anyways. I want to go and order more yarn online but I’m refraining myself. Darn you, Q, for pointing out KnitPicks! 🙂

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