>Starting a Regency

>I started a Regency today. I wanted to do one for the “hallway gala” but I figured since I haven’t made a regency in at least three or four years I should do a “practice” one. This fabric I bought about three years ago from a seller on ebay who imports Indian block printed fabrics. I knew it was semi-sheer and lightweight, but what a pain it is to sew with! It’s more the consistency of a gauze, and it has a tendancy to wiggle, as my underbust band shows. Just don’t look at it too close in person, k? Cause I don’t think I want to ruin the softness with a trim (did I just type that? No trim? Gads!)
From Janet Arnold- but I can’t do those sleeves because I don’t have enough fabric, and I didn’t have enough to do the full amount of fabric in the front:

The back had a wonky fit so I had to play with it to get it to lay right. The dress form is also wider across the underbust than I am, so it’s just ok with me, I think, and too small for it.

And some ostrich feathers for hats. Yay for wholesale.

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