>Tuck Three, insert one

>I can has a ruffle for my princess slip. Kinda. Minus the cutting out the lace and gathering it bit.

So for underwear so far for a trousseu, minus this, I have…
*corset with 6 detachable garters
*peach drawers
*vintage petticoat (x2)
And I still want to possibly make the rest of the peach undies that are all cut out, just because… though I don’t think time will allow it. I’ll take pics of all the whites together once I finish the princess slip 🙂
I was reading originally in a book, though I can’t remember which offhand, that for a wedding the bride made a trousseau of enough underwear for the year, all with matching lace, and including princess slips, chemises, drawers, combinations, corset covers, petticoats, negligee, and nightgowns. I might just make that yet,though no one would really know but me and you guys…

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