>Edwardian Princess Dress

>I have been sewing again…

The fabric is a lightweight linen/rayon blend I got at Joann for only a little over $3 a yard because they’re having 60% off linens right now. The trims are vintage. The big one down the middle is one I got in that lot I mentioned a few weeks ago and was a yellow-y color but after an oxy-clean soak it came out more of a creame. Gotta love Oxy-clean.

The pattern is this one from Past Patterns Vintage Revivals. Let me tell you this pattern SUCKS. It goes together pretty well as far as being the size/right fitting together of pieces, it’s just really difficult. There are pretty much no instructions, which I was figuring, but there’s really no directions as to the pleating of the bodice… I just had to play around with it until I figured that you don’t match the OOs to OOs like in a usual pleat on a vintage pattern, but like rare ones that I have done that have directions, the OOs actually indicate where you do a 1/4″ tuck, with the exception of the last two pleats, where you match OOs. Extremely confusing. The bodice pieces are about 1/2″ difference in length, but I’ve found that to be pretty common in vintage patterns for some reason. It’s got to be the most difficult pattern I’ve done in a really long time, even though in essence the construction should be simple. It’s all those blasted pleats with all the wonky markings, and the when to connect what to what that throws you. Like… you can’t connect the ruffles except you have to but then the back ruffles won’t match the fullness of the front ruffles (I gave up on that point), and to connect the bodice and skirt side fronts to front panels you have to do this wonky pivot thing on the front panel. Screwy. All of it. But I’m really happy with it so far and am proud of all my pleats, irregular though they may be.

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One Response to >Edwardian Princess Dress

  1. Jennifer says:

    >I love this dress. You are so inspiring to me to get into Edwardian pretty things! I love that you used the basic rayon/linen from JoAnn's.

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