>Edwardian Combinations

>I WAS going to work on patterns all day, right after I cut out my combinations. Then I got the itch so just kept going.

This is the Past Patterns combinations from Vintage revivals. Very wonky sizing… 36 bust 26 waist. If you’re looking at making these keep in mind there are pretty much NO instructions, at least not with pictures, so you kind of have to know how these go together before you plan on making them. And after making them up I can almost guarantee you the date is NOT 1913, but more like 1908ish. Very much rounded in the front and more in line with S-Curve than the teens look. So I just gathered in the extra ease at the bust with the beading. In a moment of inspiration, or insanity, I descided to do the princess seams with insertion lace instead of french seams. And add a ruffle at the top because of the lack of bust. So I still have to do the buttons and buttonholes and finish the bottom and snip the fabric cleaner at the inserts, but whatever. I actually feel like I’m accomplishing wedding stuff, so yay. Only problem is that I tried it on and the lace at the armholes is scratchy, so I might have to bias bind them instead. Ah well…

And it’s going to look purty with my corset!

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