>An Unfinished Skirt

>I scrapped this project, but here’s pictures of it anyways!

This is all silk- silk shantung underskirt and silk velvet overskirt with ribbon embroidery (I think that is synthetic).  I had cut this out previously for an 1890’s ballgown and put it partially together and hated it, so I recently re-found it, cut it to bits, and am trying to make something of it.  I matched the pattern  on the embroideries together, which makes the pleats, but the awful thing is that those would have to be held in place by hand.  I also wasn’t smart enough to line it before I started pleating, so I guess it’s going to be unlined.  I have another row of ruffles I can add to the bottom of the overskirt, too.  The ruffles on the skirt I finished with the roll edge tool on the serger, in the burgandy for contrast. So, here she is…

And here’s mister charles ready to go duck hunting.

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